Flooring Promotion – Parquet Restoration (Dust Free)


If you have water seepage or plumbing issues, our team provides waterproofing and plumbing repair services such as polyurethane  (PU) injection and waterproofing membrane treatment. 

Our parquet and hardwood flooring grinding, sanding and varnishing service removes most light scratches, surface stains and dirty markings, and rough flooring. 

WHY choose us?

  • Best price in town
  • You get Sparco/Jensen branded quality melamine varnish with a choice of matt or gloss finish. 
  • DUST FREE using sander from Swedish Bona

Choice to top up $$ to Sparco/Jensen varnish. 

Does your parquet floor have hollow sounds, sticky ugly black marks, water damaged or deep cuts? We can fix it. 

Our 3-step restoration process

1. Grinding & sanding the existing floors to raw smooth surface condition
2. Fill up gaps between parquet strips with lacquer and real wood sawdust mix
3. Application of Sparco/Jensen (made in Singapore) varnish to parquet flooring to restore its shine

General terms and conditions

1. Our offer does not include any shifting of major furniture. Minor furniture items are acceptable.
2. Top-up to Sparco/Jensen varnish is chargeable at 30% more of the quoted price. Only Sparco/Jensen varnish is available. Bona floor finishing system is charged on a separate quote.
3. Floor area up to 150sqft only. 
4. Entry surcharge applies for entry into CBD, ERP and Sentosa areas
5. Waterproofing works, repairing hollow sounding parquet, old bitumen seepage, water damaged parquet, and deep scratches are separate costs
6. Price quoted excludes prevailing GST and valid for 30 days with promotion

Contact via WhatsApp David@ 96320750 or weFix hotline @ 91882350