Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles are among the most popular flooring alternatives for both residential and commercial establishments. In fact, many people are increasingly discovering the unique benefits of rubber flooring in both interior and exterior settings. Contrary to the early rubber tiles, modern rubber flooring comes in a wide range of styles, colors and textures.

Considering the numerous options offered in rubber tiles, there is so much that you can achieve with them when it comes to enhancing the appeal and safety of your living and work spaces. Although rubber flooring is not the cheapest option, it comes with greater long term value that makes it worth considering.

Generally, rubber is recommended for high traffic areas that are prone to spills; the availability of unique colors, textures and styles has made it a convenient flooring option for several other areas too. Today, rubber tiles are used in a wide range of establishments including, healthcare centers, gyms, retail stores, playgrounds, offices, homes, learning institutions among others.

Key Features of Rubber Tiles

Resilient and comfortable

Rubber is a very tough and strong material that can withstand tear and wear in various conditions. Unlike wood and stones, rubber tiles have a soft surface that makes them ideal for areas with stand or move frequently. The soft cushioning is great in reducing fatigue and strain on the feet, ensuring better comfort at all times.

Rubber tiles are made with outstanding dimensional stability such that even if people stand or move over it repeatedly, it does not experience dents or develop marks. Even if heavy loads are placed on rubber flooring, it never bends or bows to the pressure so easily. The softness of rubber flooring is one of the reasons it is highly recommended for gyms and playgrounds.

If installed properly and accorded proper maintenance, rubber tiles can last for up to twenty years and beyond.


This is perhaps the main reason why many people prefer rubber tiles. Rubber flooring is crafted with the aim of providing greater functional and practical benefits. The modern rubber tiles are not only for enhancing safety on playgrounds and exercise rooms but, also expressing a sense of style and luxury in both living and work spaces. Today, you can find rubber tiles in numerous style, color, texture and size options to select from.

Apart from the common slate grey and polished black styles, you can now buy rubber tiles in additional options of diamond plate, leaf, and coin textures among others. Even if you need a little more luxurious and elegant touch to your spaces, there are also rubber tiles in unique styles that mimic natural hardwoods and stones.

Regardless of the particular décor that you intend to achieve on your spaces, rubber flooring is offered in numerous exquisite designs and patterns compatible with the current architectural trends. With rubber tiles, there is no limit to how far you can go when it comes to the design of your space. For enhanced comfort, rubber tiles are also offered with added cushioning made of cork, fabric or foam.

Water resistant

Moisture is one of the main elements of damage on flooring but, such are things that you will never have to worry about with rubber tiles. Rubber is a compact and thick material that hardly allows for the penetration of moisture from both top and bottom. In fact, there are also some types of rubber tiles with special treatments for use in wet conditions.

The outstanding water resistance property of rubber tiles makes them an excellent choice for preventing slip and fall accidents in living and work environments. Besides, it also helps with preserving the flooring in proper condition over time, thereby saving you from the stress and huge costs of frequent repairs and replacements.

Easy maintenance

Rubber tiles are among the few flooring options whose maintenance is quite simple. Rubber is stain resistant and cleaning it basically requires a damp mop. In case you want to disinfect the floors, always check with the manufacturer for the right detergents since harsh detergents can easily harm the material.

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