Parquet Floor Repair at Pavilion Green

Welcome! Leaving the door open is welcoming but not a good idea when it rains. Overtime your parquet flooring may rot and be damaged beyond repair

For this job in a landed property along Pavilion Green, there was an existing planter box aprox 3m x 3m with a depth of 35cm. The steel frame showed sign of rust and there was just empty space beneath within the frame. WeFix team filled the empty space with cement block and non shrink cement. Then topped up with leveling compound to give that level base. All done by the same team, to minimize your costs. Our technicians are cross trained across different disciplines.

Parquet is then laid on top of the cement screed, then followed by sanding and varnishing. Result is a new room as good as new.

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Work in Progress

After Improvement Work

HDB Registered Contractor
License Number: HB-09-5474D