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Parquet flooring is usually very attractive and, provides an authentic touch of style, beauty and luxury to every space. Besides, it is also a highly versatile floor covering that works great in a wide range of spaces in residential and commercial settings. The flooring is primarily made from blocks, strips and layers of wood products that give it a unique feel and look. Today, parquet flooring is offered in numerous options to choose from including, timber, wooden, light, colored, teak among others.

Apart from its intricate appeal, parquet flooring is also very durable with a longer lifespan than most conventional floor coverings. The flooring also has better dimensional stability and wear layer that enables it to properly withstand various forms of damage including foot traffic, scratches, staining and moisture. However, all these qualities do not guarantee that your parquet floors will remain the same for a lifetime. Just like other flooring alternatives, parquet floors require routine maintenance to preserve their unique characteristics.

While there are many ways you can opt for to maintain the beauty and condition of your parquet flooring, sanding is one of the most convenient alternatives. Regardless of the particular type of parquet floor that you have on your living and work spaces, proper sanding is always a critical step towards reviving their shine and protecting them from future damage. Parquet floor sanding could also help with avoiding frequent repairs and replacement, thereby saving you some money too in the long term.

Useful Tips for Parquet Floor Sanding

Most people usually view parquet floor sanding as a DIY project. But, that may not entirely be the case. There are certain unique pointers that must be observed during parquet floor sanding to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure. Even if you are DIY savvy, failing to put these into considerations can always make it very hard to achieve the desired results. The following are some of the key aspects that you should keep in mind when conducting parquet floor sanding.

Although quite a number of people say the best way to sand parquet floor is diagonally, it is not true. Since parquet flooring is offered in different types of woods, the arrangement of the grains vary from one block to another. Therefore, the first step in parquet floor sanding should be examining the grains and how they run across the surfaces. In case the grains run on a similar direction, it would be advisable to also sand towards the same direction. Sanding in the same direction as the wood grains is less aggressive, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish.

Sanding diagonally or against the grains will not only give you a hard time but, also result into lumps, indentions and scratches. This could leave a rough surface on the floors and, significantly harm their looks. Besides, sanding against the grain could also impair the density and stability of the flooring, causing quick wear and discomfort.

Parquet floor sanding should be either done across or straight based on how the grains are arranged. This will ensure that all the individual blocks are sanded with an equal measure of aggressiveness. The sanding drum will regulate the amount of pressure applied onto every block depending on its density. However, the sanding should be done interchangeably both straight and across the floors. It is advisable to begin the process in a straight motion.

When sanding straight, there are imperfections that can be caused by the machine. These can be solved by re-sanding across. In some instances, doing the procedure just once may not bring out the best results. If that is the case for your parquet floors, repeat the procedure a few more times alternating between straight and across. The general rule is to always tailor the sanding process to the particular patterns, density and condition of the floors. After sanding, the floors should be stained to ensure easy cleaning and, also provide a polished finish.

If you are not sure of the right approaches to proper parquet floor sanding, the best way to preserving their quality is hiring a floor maintenance expert to do the job.

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