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Timber floors bring an authentic luxurious feel to spaces but, that is not the main reason why most people prefer them. Timber is also a highly resilient material that contributes long lasting floors. Besides, timber flooring has timeless beauty that looks great in just any decor, making them quite flexible in terms of design options. However, this does not mean that your timber floors will last a lifetime without maintenance.

Although timber flooring is tougher than most conventional types of flooring, it can still easily lose value if not accorded the best care over time. Even if the floors are cleaned on a regular basis, there are some defects that the procedure cannot effectively eliminate. After using the floors for some time, they will also start to age. As a result, proper maintenance is always the best move towards preserving the value of your timber floors.

Generally, there are various approaches for timber floor maintenance. But, applying varnish is one of the proven methods that will not only give the floors protection against effects of damage but, also revive their appearance. When applied appropriately, varnish forms an extra protective layer that will cushion the flooring from elements like scratches and dents or marks from frequent foot traffic and other movements across the surfaces.

Timber floor varnish is loved by many because of its lasting impacts and effectiveness in terms of protection. In fact, timber floor varnish can also help with eliminating minor defects from the surfaces. Unlike other wood restoration products, varnish offers a mild shine while also allowing the material to retain its natural looks. This will ensure an improved appearance without causing any alteration to the beauty of your floors.

Tips for Varnishing Timber Floors

Today, the flooring market is awash with various kinds of restoration and maintenance products. Without knowing the right product for your floors, it is easier to end up with substandard products that could only cause more damage and losses. Therefore, the first step should be choosing the right varnish for timber floors. Most suppliers of timber flooring usually provide instructions for maintenance that also includes the recommended varnishes when issuing the products.

In case your timber flooring was supplied without the information, you can still get in touch with the respective suppliers for directives on the right varnish to use. On the other hand, you can also simply consult with a flooring maintenance expert. Regardless of how you opt to go about it, just make sure that you get the correct varnish for timber or wood floors. Overall, timber matte varnish is usually the most preferred.

Some of the most common Varnishes used on Wood

Oil-based polyurethanes

While applying it is usually much easier, not many people use oil-based polyurethanes today. This is because, they are more color-coated, hence could easily change the natural looks of wood. Besides, they also take longer to dry and, have a shorter lifespan.

Solvent-based polyurethanes

These usually cure much faster but, quite smelly due to their Volatile Organic Compound contents. They are mainly used on counter tops and other areas where very tough and quick drying is required. Besides, applying them require skills that most DIY enthusiasts cannot easily perform.

Water-based polyurethanes

Water based varnishes also dry quickly and, produces less smell. When applied on certain softwoods, they can slightly surge the grains. However, this can be solved by denibbing between the layers of the varnish. Generally, water-based polyurethanes are easier to work with.

When choosing the ideal timber floor varnish for your floors, it is also important to remember that each of the above have unique application techniques. If your timber floors have pre-existing varnish, you should be keen to choose a type of varnish that works well with it. This is recommended because there are some types of varnishes that react with each other and using them could easily damage your floors.

Before applying timber floor varnish, it is critical that the surfaces are properly cleaned to eliminate dirt, dust, stains and other elements that could hinder the results of the process.

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