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The outdoor spaces of your home or business premises are an integral part of the property. They are the first elements that people will notice whenever they visit the property. As such, it is just in order that they are also properly tendered. And, one of the best moves to achieving this is through installing outdoor flooring. Besides just enhancing the aesthetics of the spaces, outdoor flooring also provides innumerable functional benefits.

With outdoor flooring, you will be able to effectively give the spaces a refined touch that matches your style while also improving the overall value of the property. The beauty of outdoor flooring alone is enough to create a luxurious focal attraction that your guests will really love. Besides, installing outdoor flooring can also go a long way in making the spaces much safer for various kinds of activities.

Common Types of Outdoor Flooring

There are various kinds of outdoor flooring materials that you can choose from whenever you want to enhance the appeal of your outdoor spaces. Just like their names, outdoor flooring is the perfect match for spaces like, terraces, patios, decks, backyards or gardens. Despite the harsh weather and environmental conditions experienced in outdoor spaces, the flooring is carefully engineered to withstand all.


Ceramic is one of the most popular materials for outdoor flooring, which is not only loved for its attractive looks but, also low maintenance and outstanding resistance to temperature variations. Although it usually requires extensive labor, a professional contractor can always deliver the best. Ceramic tiles are mainly recommended for ground floors. The flooring is available in options of mud floor, porcelain and normal stoneware.

Mud floor has natural imperfections that give it a distinctive appeal, ideal for creating a rustic touch. Porcelain is scratch resistant and, can effectively endure all weather. It has incredible durability and comes in a wide range of styles, colors and textures that imitate marble, wood and different stones. Normal stoneware on the other hand, is less dense than porcelain and, quite cheaper to install and maintain.


Wood flooring has a unique sense of beauty and, timeless appeal that stands apart in just any outdoor space. Wood flooring comes in options of either natural or synthetic, all of which provide immense aesthetic and practical benefits. Tropical woods like, teak and bamboo are usually the best due to their impeccable resistance to temperature and environmental changes. Wood flooring provides flat and stable surfaces that are much safer.

While there are some types of woods that may contract and expand in harsh weather, the wood flooring used in outdoor environments are accorded extra protection to effectively withstand all these. Natural wood flooring may still require occasional maintenance treatments to keep them from losing their shine. One of the benefits of wood flooring is that it can be placed on just any sub structure.

Natural stone

Natural stones are also great materials for outdoor flooring that not only inspire a distinctive sense of nature but, also a more luxurious touch to spaces. Natural stones are eco-friendly, highly durable and very easy to maintain. The flooring can be obtained in either polished or irregular forms. Unlike other outdoor flooring materials, natural stones are more unique since each stone has a different shape and appearance.

The most common types of natural stones used in outdoor flooring include slate, granite and Lajas. Lajas is the most resistant to all weather and, never bends even in ice and snow. Granite is beautiful with better heat resistance, ideal for warm areas.  Slate has better thermal insulation and available in varying shades of grey.


Cement floors are usually ideal for creating a modern feel onto outdoor spaces. While it is mainly used indoors, cement is a highly durable material that can still deliver outstanding performance in outdoor spaces. The installation of polished cement is quite easy and, it does not require any complex maintenance procedures. Generally, cement floors are grey but, there are now numerous colors that homeowners and businesses can choose from to create more fulfilling outdoor spaces. Cemented floors usually get slippery whenever they come into contact with water but, you can also add safety flooring onto the surfaces to avoid accidents.

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