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The toilets in your home, office or business premises are among the key areas that guests will always visit whenever they visit. As a result of this, you should always give proper thought to not only the accessories installed therein but, also the floors. Considering the toilet is one of the most frequented areas, you need a flooring option that guarantees better resilience and, exquisite looks to make the space more fulfilling.

Whenever you are looking for an ideal flooring alternative for your toilets, it is always advisable to consider toilet floor tiles. These are the perfect flooring option for toilets that will not only help you give the space a classic touch of beauty but, also enhance its functionality. In fact, there is so much more that you can achieve from installing toilet floor tiles in the toilet in your home or business premises.

Toilet floor tiles are mainly coveted because of their resilience, luxurious looks and easy maintenance. By installing them in your toilets, you will not only be able to express a unique sense of style but, also ensure the longevity of the entire facility. The tiles are water resistant, which makes them a great choice for toilets where water issues are frequently experienced. As a result of this, having them could also help with maintaining proper hygiene therein.

Main Qualities of Toilet Floor Tiles

Long lasting

Toilet floor tiles are manufactured from clay that is induced to very high temperatures then, refined to a strong and smooth finish that effectively stands up to the impacts of frequent traffic. While the tiles may look brittle, their detailed construction ensures they do not easily crack even under pressure. Unlike wood floors that contract and expand when exposed to humid conditions, toilet floor tiles are never subjected to such defects.

Although clay, which is the main ingredient in toilet floor tiles, can attract moisture, the surfaces of the tiles are enhanced with a water resistant coating. Instead of absorbing water, toilet floor tiles allow for east flow of water into the drainage, hence, keeping the space dry. As a result of this, you will not be subjected to frequent toilet repairs and maintenance, thereby also saving you money in the long term.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

Without the right flooring, cleaning and maintaining your toilet can always be an uphill task. But, with toilet floor tiles, you will be able to easily avoid all the hassles involved in taking care of the one that you have. Tiles usually require just basic cleaning that entails mopping or wiping. Due to the glazed surfaces of toilet floor tiles, they do not easily attract dirt or stains, which makes cleaning and maintenance a walkover.

When cleaning toilet floor tiles, you should use a soft cloth to protect the surfaces from scratch marks. Besides, you will also need to apply a disinfectant during the cleaning to eliminate germs and bacteria. Nevertheless, the cleaning and maintenance of toilet floor tiles is a simple task that you can always perform independently without any strain.

Available in diverse designs and dimensions

The toilet is a place where people visit to get relief. As a result of this, it is always important that you also create an environment where people will feel relaxed when relieving themselves. To achieve that, toilet floor tiles are offered in a wide range of style options that you can always select from depending on the décor of your home or the kind of feel that you intend to express therein.

Toilet floor tiles are enhanced with varying styles that complement diverse themes including, contemporary, traditional, antique, rustic and abstract themes. These styles are exhibited using unique patterns and shades that also emulate hardwoods and stones. In fact, you can even get designs that contrast your toilet accessories. Owing to the stylish attributes of toilet floor tiles, they can still be used to create outstanding toilet wall finishes.

Even if your toilet has irregular orientations, toilet floor tiles are also offered in different sizes for every space.

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