Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble is a luxurious stone that contributes incredible beauty and sense of style in every space. In fact, marble is a material that has for a very long time been reserved only to high end residential and business establishments. Besides its exquisite aesthetics, marble floors are also quite durable and, usually last for years. However, marble is also one of the most delicate flooring materials that can be easily damaged without proper care.

Marble flooring is made from sea shells that have formed over the years to create resilient stone chips. Today, marble is also crafted from limestone, which is mined from the ground in various parts of the world. While the material undergoes a few changes after mining, it is still able to maintain its unique shine and resilience that keep the floors where it is used beautiful and in pristine condition over time.

Generally, marble floors can endure pressure from foot traffic and other common elements of wear and tear for an extended period of time. But, that does not spare them from the impacts of ageing. Considering the high costs of marble flooring, it is critical that they are preserved in proper state so you do not have to frequently spend hundreds of dollars replacing them. Marble floor cleaning is one the best approaches to preserving its value.

Tips for Proper Marble Floor Care

Regardless of where marble is installed, there are various forms of abuse that they can be exposed to. For instance, grits on the surfaces can easily cause scratches and marks, spoiling the appearance of the floors. Unlike other types of stones, marble is highly sensitive and can be easily damaged. Therefore, the first step to proper marble floor care should be preventive measures to avoid causing any harm to the material.

Whether you have marble floors on your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen or business, it is important to perform regular sweeping, dusting and mopping. These are critical procedures that will help with removing any loose dirt like, grit, droppings and other dust particles from the surfaces. Besides, it is also advisable to always wipe off any spills or liquids from the floors as soon as they occur to prevent staining.

If water or liquids are left to stay on marble for a long time, they can easily seep into the floor, causing even much greater damage. On the other hand, spills can also make marble slippery, thereby putting all the people using the floors at risks of slip and fall accidents.

Marble should not be swept with brooms, mopped or dusted using rough materials since those could easily scratch and leave marks on the surfaces. Soft materials like Swiffer Sweepers or sponge are usually the best for sweeping and dusting marble flooring. Another important thing to always keep in mind when cleaning marble floors is that they can be easily harmed by strong cleaning solutions.

The best solutions for cleaning marble flooring should be PH neutral. Acidic cleaners like those with vinegar components are not good for marble floor cleaning. Using strong chemicals on the floors will not only cause scratch marks but, also take away their shine. Besides, acidic cleaners can also quickly wear out marble floors, forcing you into replacing them earlier than expected. This could do more damage to your pocket too.

While the supplier of your marble flooring should always instruct you on the recommended cleaning products, there are some that usually fail to do so. But, that does not mean you should just use any cleaner bought over the counter. A highly diluted solution of water and ammonia is one of the best cleaning agents. Besides, water mixed with soap dish can also do the trick. The recommended ratio is a half cup for every bucket of water.

The solutions used for cleaning should also contain mild disinfectants to fight germs and allergens from the surfaces.

Post Marble Floor Cleaning Procedures

After dusting or mopping marble floors, they should also be thoroughly dried, making sure that there are no wet spots left on the surfaces. This needs to be carefully done using a soft fluffy towel or sponge.

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