Maple Laminate Flooring

Maple laminate flooring has been described by many as simply stunning. Besides their unique sense of style, maple laminate flooring is also quite long lasting. Just like their title, maple laminate flooring is made to look the same way as maple hardwood flooring. The only difference is that they are more affordable, thereby enabling you to achieve the same luxurious appeal of solid wood without much financial strain.

While many people usually prefer maple flooring for bedrooms and other intimate spaces, the modern maple laminate flooring is perfectly engineered to serve a wide range of applications. Due to its iconic twist of class, maple laminate flooring has the ability to effortlessly elevate the feel and looks of just any space both at home and in commercial settings. Regardless of the particular rooms where it is installed, maple laminate flooring always stands apart.

There are a number of reasons why maple laminate flooring has continued to dominate the market. In fact, maple laminate flooring is considered one of the next generation flooring solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.

Maple Laminate Flooring Qualities

Long lasting

One of the main questions that most people usually ask when choosing flooring options is how long it will last. If that is one of your concerns then, you are in the right place because maple laminate flooring is made to deliver the best performance in varying living and work conditions. The flooring is crafted with multiple layers of laminate, all strongly joined together to effectively resist the impacts of frequent foot traffic.

Maple laminate flooring is also enhanced with a highly durable wear layer. This helps with making sure that the floors are never damaged by scratches, dents and effects of sunlight exposure. Besides, the wear layer also protects the flooring from stains, which will give you an easier time during cleaning and maintenance. Regardless of where you install this type of flooring, it hardly succumbs to common wear and tear.

Diverse designs to choose from

Another advantage of maple laminate flooring is that it is offered in several styles, patterns, colours, textures and dimensions. The flooring is available in multiple styles that emulate natural stones, hardwood, ceramic tiles and other sleek materials. Even if you are the kind of a person who loves colour and pomp, maple laminate flooring also comes in a selection of dark, neutral and soft shades to match every decor.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Whenever you install maple laminate flooring in your home or business, you will never have to go through the stress of buying expensive cleaning products. Unlike solid hardwood floors that require frequent waxing and polishing to preserve their shine, maple laminate flooring only requires sweeping and wiping with damp cloth. As a result of this, cleaning the floors is a walkover that you can easily do by yourself without any problems.

Considering maple laminate flooring has a protective wear layer, you will also not have to deal with the stress of stain removal.  Even in cases of spills, the stains are easy to wipe off since they are only deposited on the surfaces. In fact, basic cleaning is always just enough to keep the floors looking good over time. The low maintenance that maple laminate flooring requires also contributes greater money savings.

Simple and quick installation

Maple laminate flooring is also quite simple to install. In fact, most people usually consider it a DIY task. Unlike conventional flooring alternatives that required a lot of preparations and strenuous installation procedures, maple laminate flooring is engineered with basic click and lock systems. This enables the flooring materials to easily fit onto each other without the need for using nails and glue, which also makes them quite safe.

In case you are only looking to install maple laminate flooring on small sections of the home, the procedure can take just a few hours to complete. However, it still important to always engage a laminate flooring installation professional to be sure that every step of the process is performed to the best standards.

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