Gym Flooring

The gym is a facility where people come to undertake different kinds of physical exercises. Besides, gyms are also stuffed with a wide range of fitness equipment. Due to the strenuous activities that people indulge in and heavy equipment found in gyms, there is usually a lot of impact on the floors. Coupled with the sweat that is generated during the exercises, the gym can easily turn out to be a health hazard if not fitted with the right flooring.

Unlike standard flooring options for homes and offices, gym flooring is specifically made for fitness and recreational environments. The flooring is constructed from highly resilient materials that can effectively withstand damage from strenuous activities and heavy equipment. Besides, they are also enhanced with unique safety features to protect the people using the facilities from risks of slipping and other accidents.

On the other hand, gym flooring is easy to maintain, ensuring safety from contaminations. The flooring is made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials that cannot cause any health risks, regardless of the activities performed therein. Gym flooring offers both functional and practical benefits, also enabling you to express a unique sense of style and luxury across the spaces. This is the ultimate flooring alternative for both home and commercial gyms.

Types of Gym Flooring

There are various types of gym flooring that you can choose from when remodeling an existing fitness space or constructing a new one. The main types that are readily available in the market include;

Heavy rubber mats

True to their name, heavy rubber mats are made of thick rubber with better density to effectively resist impact from strenuous activities and heavy gym equipment. These are available in numerous varieties with exquisite designs that will also significantly improve the look and feel of the spaces where they are used.

Rubber floor tiles

These are also a great pick for dressing up the floors of indoor fitness spaces. While they do not have a higher density like heavy rubber mats, rubber floor tiles are quite durable and, come in a huge assortment of designs. Authentic or virgin rubber floor tiles are the best since they are never subjected to chemical processing that recycled rubber undergoes, hence, eco-friendly and safe.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring is exclusively made from natural materials that offer better comfort and resistance to impact. Besides, cork is a good sound absorber, which also helps with ensuring a more fulfilling environment for users. If the gym is situated next to residential and office spaces, installing cork flooring can always be a great way to reducing disturbance and noise.

Apart from the above types of gym flooring, foam tiles and utility grade wood are also other great alternatives that you should consider.

Choose the Best Gym Flooring for your facility and fitness needs

Considering the numerous types of gym flooring offered in the market, choosing the most suitable ones for your facility can be challenging. For the best experience, the choice of gym flooring should always be given proper thought. While suppliers of gym flooring can always advise you on the best ones for your facility and fitness needs, the following are some of the main aspects that you should consider when purchasing gym flooring;

Exercises performed therein

For commercial gyms that offer a wide range of fitness activities to several people using different equipment, it is always advisable that you select high density gym flooring. However, small home gyms can go for less dense flooring options.

Desired ambience

Gym flooring also comes in numerous styles and colors that you can select based on the kind of décor that you intend to create in your fitness space. You can either opt for gym flooring with similar styles and colors or unique designs to highlight different sections of the gym.

Amount of space to be covered

Gym flooring is offered in many dimensions that you can also choose depending on the amount or orientation of spaces that you intend to cover. Besides standard sizes, you can also order custom gym flooring for specific areas in the facility.

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