Rubber Gym Tiles

As the name suggests, rubber gym tiles are an excellent option for exercise rooms, offering inherent functional and aesthetic benefits. Some of the main reasons for this are because of the dimensional stability and softness of rubber gym tiles. Although rubber gym tiles vary in thickness, all the types have a dense profile that offers added cushioning to prevent strain on the ankles, knees and feet while doing exercises.

Considering the numerous physical exercises that are performed in gyms, there are several accidents that may occur if the flooring is not stable and padded. Rubber gym tiles are crafted with specific features to ensure greater safety and comfort during exercises while also elevating the looks and feel of the space. Rubber gym tiles can be used in large scale commercial fitness centers as well as small exercise rooms and kids play areas in homes.

As hinted above, rubber gym tiles also provide unique aesthetic benefits that will enable you to create the desired ambience across the spaces. Rubber gym tiles are available in a wider selection of designs, patterns, colors, textures and dimensions that complement a majority of themes and décor in both living and work areas.

Key Qualities of Rubber Gym Tiles

Durable and slip resistant

Rubber is a highly resilient material that stands up well to constant foot traffic, movements and heavy loads. Despite its malleability, rubber hardly shows dents or marks even under intense pressure from heavy loads and strenuous activities performed in the gym. Whenever you step on rubber or place heavy weights onto the surfaces, it will appear sunken but, quickly regain its shape and form. This helps in maintaining its dimensional stability over time.

Generally, rubber gym tiles are enhanced with better friction that enables them to perfectly resist slip and fall accidents. Besides, the thick layering of rubber serves as a shock absorber, which not only ensures the safety of people conducting exercises but, the floors too. Even if heavy weights are dropped onto rubber gym tile, they cannot bounce back. This prevents injuries to users and damage to the floors.


Rubber gym tiles have a thick profile that makes them feel quite soft on the feet. The soft feel of rubber cushions the foot from fatigue and injury, hence, ensuring greater comfort and safety. The warm and comfortable appeal of rubber also makes it an ideal flooring option for arthritis sufferers. In fact, there are some types of gym rubber tiles with added cushioning, suitable for yoga rooms and kids’ playa areas.

Available in numerous style, color and texture options

Rubber gym tiles are available in a wide range of styles, colors and textures to choose from. The styles are enhanced using unique patterns that complement diverse themes and ambiences. In fact, there are also styles that emulate luxurious materials like, stones and hardwoods floors. You can either opt for similar patterns or unique styles to create the desired décor in your exercise spaces.

Unlike in the past that rubber gym tiles were only available in limited colors, you can now find the tiles in multiple selections of warm, soft and extravagant shades. Similarly, you can also choose gym rubber tiles in terms of textures that vary from coarse to super soft. The coarse textures are ideal for staircases, hallways and other areas where people do not usually step on barefoot while the super soft textures are great for exercise rooms.

Simple maintenance

The low maintenance of rubber gym tiles is another reason you will love them in your exercise spaces. Generally, rubber is resistant to stains and water, which will give you an easy time in cleaning the floors. The friction on the surfaces of rubber tiles makes it hard for germs and dirt to build up on the tiles, which also helps with maintaining better air quality and hygiene. The only cleaning method for rubber gym tiles is wiping off with a damp cloth. In case of stains, it is always advisable to wipe them off immediately.

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