Anti Slip Flooring

While there are various kinds of accidents that can occur in busy work or commercial spaces experiencing heavy and frequent traffic, slip and fall is one of the most common. Whenever these accidents occur in your establishment, you could not only be subjected to huge compensations for the victims but, also significant losses since many people will feel scared of visiting the premises.

In worse cases, slip and fall accidents could even cause loss of lives. As a business looking to attract the largest number of customers, these risks can easily jeopardize your profit margins. One of the best ways to avoiding such risks is through installing anti slip flooring.

Benefits of Anti-Slip Flooring

Better safety from slip and fall accidents

The obvious advantage of using anti slip flooring is protection against slipping accidents. Although there are various materials used in making slip resistant flooring, rubber is one of the best. Due to its outstanding water resistance properties, rubber has better friction that prevents the floor from becoming slippery even if it encounters spills.

Installing anti slip flooring in your home will ensure that your family and guests are safe from slip and fall accidents. In commercial spaces, anti slip flooring will not only ensure greater convenience for workers to move around but, also cushion customers from risks of injuries. As a result of all these, you will be able to enhance productivity and attract more customers.

Long lasting floors

Unlike most conventional flooring options that are made of low quality synthetic materials, anti slip flooring is made to effectively withstand impact over time. Whether used in spaces with low, medium or high foot traffic, rubber can last for very many years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Anti-slip flooring is also resistant to stains and insects, which enables it to provide a strong and durable grounding. This will ensure that you are not subjected to expensive flooring maintenance or replacement procedures, hence, also saving you money.

Diverse designs for every space

To quash the myth that anti slip flooring is unattractive, they are now available in a wide range of designs that you can easily select based on the kind of feel and look that you intend to express on your spaces. The flooring is offered in varying styles, colors, sizes and textures that can effortlessly blend in with different ambiences.

Owing to the variety of anti slip flooring designs, there is no doubt you can always get the most suitable match for every space in your home, office or business. Regardless of the design that you choose, anti slip flooring always stands apart, offering a unique sense of style and beauty that will surely elevate the appeal of your spaces.


There is always greater flexibility when it comes to the application of anti slip flooring. Considering the diversity in their sizes, you can always opt for specific dimensions that suit your space. Anti slip flooring is recommended for all kinds of living and work spaces including, hallways, family rooms, kids’ rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, stair cases, clubs and bars, workshops, car parks among others.

Another unique benefit of anti slip flooring is that it can be installed on just any type of floor. Besides tiled floors, anti slip flooring can also be installed on concrete, acrylic, vinyl, hardwood, marble, granite and laminate surfaces. In fact, anti slip flooring can also be used on metallic surfaces, which are common in industrial settings.

Regardless of the orientation of your space or the kind of décor that you desire, anti slip flooring offers a variety of options to give every space the perfect makeover while also ensuring greater safety for all.

Easy maintenance

Another reason you will fall in love with anti slip flooring is the ease of its maintenance. Contrary to most conventional flooring alternatives that require complex maintenance procedures and products, anti slip flooring only requires basic cleaning. Owing to the better water and stain resistance properties of anti slip flooring, maintaining it is always a snap.

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