Terazzo Floor Polishing


Terrazzo is one of the most elegant flooring options for both residential and commercial spaces. However, that is not the only reason why many people prefer terrazzo flooring. The material is all natural, which makes it quite safe and long lasting than several flooring alternatives in the market. Besides, terrazzo flooring is also available in a wide range of unique designs that offers greater versatility when it comes to its applications.

Terrazzo flooring mainly comprises of marble or ballast mixed with cement. The material is then, refined using other chips of stones to provide textures. Terrazzo is also crafted into a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. Despite the types of stones used, terrazzo still has very smooth surfaces that make it quite comfortable underfoot. Besides, the detailed fabrication of the material also gives it better dimensional stability and resilience.

For extra protection, terrazzo flooring is also enhanced with a wear layer that can withstand staining, scratches and other forms of wear for a long period of time. However, that does not mean the flooring will remain the same forever without proper care. Just like other flooring options, terrazzo flooring can only withstand high traffic for some time. The best way to ensuring that it does not wear out easily is through terrazzo floor polishing.

Techniques for Terrazzo Floor Polishing

The proper polishing of your terrazzo floor is always a sure bet for extending the lifespan of the material. Besides, it will also be able to effectively revive the shine of the floors, enhancing a luxurious touch to your spaces. Even if the terrazzo is already showing signs of ageing, polishing can be a more cost effective option for bringing back their former glory. If the floors are properly polished as required, you could also be able to significantly cut down the costs of floor maintenance.

There are various techniques that can be pursued in terrazzo floor polishing. In fact, most of the suppliers usually include information about how the floors should be polished and, also the particular products to be used in the process. Nevertheless, it is important to also know these techniques and the guidelines for conducting them since you may even opt to perform them independently.

The first step into polishing terrazzo floors should be thorough cleaning. This is recommended to remove grit, dust and other dust particles that would hinder the effectiveness of the polish. Cleaning is easy with a damp soft cloth, stipulated terrazzo cleaner and water. One thing about terrazzo that you should keep in mind is that it is highly sensitive. Thus, cleaning should only be done using a PH neutral tile cleaner. Besides, the best type of cloth to use for cleaning the material should be made of microfiber.

After cleaning, it is imperative to let the floors dry properly then, seal them. To prevent any defects from occurring to the terrazzo, it is always advisable to only use the right sealer for this particular material. Using a brush or floor roller, the sealer should be evenly applied onto the entire floor. To ensure that the terrazzo is properly sealed before polishing, the sealer should be left to dry on the floor overnight.

As soon as the sealer dries up, use a branded terrazzo polishing powder and a buffer machine to polish the floors. Generally, there are various terrazzo polishing products offered in the market. But, you should always make sure that you only use the recommended one for the particular terrazzo floors that you have. You can even consult with your supplier about the right polishing product to use on the floors. The product should be thick and sticky to effectively bring back the shine on terrazzo.

Post Terrazzo Floor Polishing Treatments

Depending on the condition of your floors and the products used, the gloss may not be revived in a single polish. If that is the case, you can re-do the process again to see if there are any changes. If after repeated polishing the floors still don’t look refined, you may want to engage a terrazzo floor polishing and restoration expert. After all the procedures are done, the floors should be again cleaned to remove the residues of the polish.

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