Vinyl Tiles Flooring

For many years now, vinyl tiles have continued to dominate the flooring world. Vinyl tiles are a great option for both residential and commercial flooring installations where they create long lasting and luxurious floors with classic designs. Vinyl tiles flooring offers a myriad alternatives on how to ensure seamless aesthetic and functional transformation to the floors in your home, office or business space.

Vinyl tiles flooring are engineered with a keen attention to resilience, style and versatility. That is why you can now get the flooring in a variety of designs, patterns, textures colours and sizes. Besides, vinyl tiles can also be obtained in square shapes, planks and other abstract dimensions. What even makes vinyl tiles flooring more interesting is that they are also very economical in terms of acquisition, installation and maintenance costs.

While there are several factors to consider when choosing vinyl tiles flooring, it is always important that you look at their unique features and characteristics. This will help you understand their distinctive value and, also make an informed choice on whether they are the most suitable flooring option for your spaces.

Characteristics and Features of Vinyl Tiles Flooring

Cost effective

Contrary to what some people have believed, vinyl tiles flooring are less costly. Compared to several other flooring options in the market, vinyl tiles are very affordable. Even in terms of installation, the flooring is quite easy to set up. In fact, the installation procedures are hugely DIY, which ensures you do not spend a dime on having them fixed onto your floors.

However, it is advisable to hire professional vinyl tiles flooring installation services if you are not sure of the right moves. Another aspect that makes vinyl tiles flooring cost effective is their low maintenance requirements. The maintenance mainly entails basic procedures like, sweeping, mopping and polishing that you do not even have to do on a daily basis.

Numerous designs to choose from

Unlike some types of flooring that only work for specific spaces, vinyl tiles flooring are available in varying patterns, textures, styles and colours for every section of the home or office. Whether you need a design that emulates natural stones, wood or other exquisite materials used in interior decor, vinyl tiles flooring will offer you endless opportunities to effortlessly create the desired touch.

You can opt for vinyl tiles flooring with modern, contemporary or abstract styles. Owing to their varying textures and colours, you can also blend different pieces to develop a custom feel that specifically suits your class and tastes. On the other hand, vinyl tiles can also be easily cut into different shapes for use in irregular spaces like, corners and curves. In fact, the flooring can even be installed over other materials, creating outstanding decor and comfort.


Compared to natural wood or stone floors, vinyl tiles flooring is quite soft. While the textures usually vary from one to another, vinyl tiles are refined to a smooth finish that feels more comfortable to even stand on barefoot for hours. Besides, the tiles are enhanced with an added layer to protect the surfaces from scuffs and scratches. Since vinyl is resistant to moisture, installing the tiles in your home or office can also help with keeping the spaces warmer.

Vinyl tiles flooring are also slip-resistant, which contributes greater safety in using them. The tiles have a thicker profile that enables them to maintain their attractive looks and feel even in areas with recurring foot traffic. Whether you install them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, walkways or commercial spaces, vinyl tiles flooring hardly lose their sense of comfort and style.

Easy to install

This is also another key reason why many people opt for vinyl tiles flooring. The installation process requires very little preparations since the tiles can even be installed over existing floors. If you only need to install them on a small area, the package comes with clear instructions to guide you throughout the process. For larger floor construction, remodelling or refurbishment works, you should always let an expert do the installation. With proper installation and care, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of vinyl tiles flooring for years.

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